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It’s good to always have several obsessions and projects on the go. Here are a few of mine:



Fraggl is the brand new Twitter curation app built by me, and the smart folk at AdaptiveLab. It sets out to curate the ten best links from strategy and advertising from the past 24 hours and deliver a set of awesome links every morning straight to your inbox. 

It uses a unique combination of human, social and algorithmic curation, and we’ve worked hard on creating an algorithm that uses a variety of different signals balanced to surface great content from human-curated lists. We think it’s rather good.

Fraggl has opened a public beta – you can check out the service and subscribe here.

You can also follow Fraggl on Twitter for updates.

Google Firestarters 


Google Firestarters is a series of quarterly events hosted by Google and that I curate for the planning, advertising and media community. We design them to provide provocation, thought stimulus, and useful debate around some of the really challenging and interesting themes and issues facing our industry. They’ve been going for over three years now, have expanded to New York and  and we’ve had some cracking events. You can read more about Google Firestarters over here.

Post of the Month


I’ve been running a regular Post of the Month vote since September 2008. The idea is to draw attention to some of the best (amateur) writing in the industry (or related to the industry). People seem to like it. I’ve collected together a Post of the Month Hall of Fame page which features some cracking writing, so worth exploring.


I’ve been writing about marketing and organisational agility for over five years now. It’s something of a healthy obsession for me, and has now become the focus for some of my work. The focus for agile is often on the processes that sit at the centre of agile development, or on real-time or responsive marketing. I believe it goes much further than this. My version of agile is about companies equipping themselves properly for a digitally-empowered world, and so takes account of not only practices, but the structures, skills, behaviours and even organisational culture that surround them. One day I’ll write a book about it.