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Google Firestarters Comes to New York

I'm really excited to announce that Google Firestarters is coming to America. We've been running Firestarters events for over three years in the UK, bringing planners, strategists and the inquisitive, restless and disruptive minds of advertising and media together to discuss and debate the most interesting and challenging issues facing our industry. Over that time they've built up some real momentum, and real community.

So I'm delighted to be working with Ben Malbon at Google to bring the events to New York. Ben's team in New York are focused on deepening relationships between Google and the planning community in North America as 2015 unfolds, and Firestarters will be a key part of that. So for our first ever NYC Firestarters we've selected a subject that never fails to elicit strong opinions and plenty of debate - The New Operating System For Agencies. Media, advertising, marketing and the world that surrounds them are evolving at an accelerating pace raising significant questions around exactly what the future of agencies will look like. So how will skills, behaviours, structures and even the craft of planning itself change? And what will the operating system for the agency of the future look like? To help us navigate this fascinating theme we have provocations from five of the smartest thinkers in the industry:

Sarah Watson – CSO, BBH

Ian Fitzpatrick – CSO, Almighty

Noah Brier – Founder, Percolate

Spencer Baim – CSO, Vice Media

Johnny Vulkan – Founder, Anomaly

I can't wait. The event is kicking off at 5.30pm on Wednesday 3rd December at Google HQ in NYC. As with the UK events I have a few guest passes to give away to readers of this blog so if you'd like one leave a comment below or drop me a line.

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