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Google Firestarters 17 – Content Marketing & Complexity


There can be little doubt that Content Marketing has become a huge area of focus for clients of late. In the work that I've done over the past few years it's been evident that many clients have increased not just the time and attention that they give to content, but also the resourcing. Unsurprisingly, agencies of all types have followed suit and developed more sophisticated content-driven offerings.

Yet with everyone doing it, are we in danger of becoming awash with content? Is quantity trumping quality? Sturgeon’s Law cites that 90% of everything is crap - how do we stop that applying to advertising and content?

For our latest Google Firestarters we'll be considering content, complexity and everything in between with two of the most compelling speakers in advertising and content marketing. 

Dave Trott needs no introduction but is of-course the renowned Creative Director, Campaign columnist and the author of series of books on creativity and advertising including Creative Mischief; Predatory Thinking; and most recently, One Plus One Equals Three: A Masterclass in Creative Thinking. After starting his career at BMP Dave founded a number of agencies including GGT, Bainsfair Sharkey Trott and The Gate and is responsible for some of the most memorable campaigns of the last 30 years.

Doug Kessler is probably the best speaker I've ever seen on Content Marketing. He's described on his site as a displaced Yank who started his career at Ogilvy & Mather, New York. Soap and fabric softener bored him rigid so he jumped ship to specialise in B2B and is now a content marketing junkie running content agency Velocity Partners working with clients like Cisco and Kimberley Clark. 

Firestarters will be happening at 6.00pm on Wednesday 16th September at Google HQ in London. As always I have some free guest passes to give away to readers of this blog so if you'd like one, message me direct or leave a comment below.

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