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Dots Conference 2016


This year I'm working again with the lovely folk at Brilliant Noise to help curate the third Dots Conference. Dots always thematically focuses on innovation and transformation but this year we're concentrating particularly on stories about turning ideas and inspiration into action, and the behind the scenes details that create brilliance. The last two conferences have both been enormously inspiring and successful, with some amazing speakers. And this year should be no different. Already in the line up we have:

Caroline Webb:- Caroline is author of the brilliant How To Have A Good Day which has been named as one of the top business books of 2016 by Forbes, Fortune and others. She's also CEO of Sevenshift, a company that shows people how to use insights from behavioural science to improve their working life.

Dan Shute of Creature London, who've done some amazing work, including those genre-busting films for the Green Party

Dr Becky Parker, who has pioneered revolutionary work to teach children science and astronomy, and bring real world research into schools. She is now Director of the Institute for Research in Schools

Will Hudson, Founder and Director of ItsNiceThat

Juliet Scott-Croxford, Chief Delivery Officer at The Guardian, responsible for driving their digital transformation programme

Nina Jones, Global Owner Experience Director at Jaguar Landrover

Andy Whitlock, who is the Head of Brand at the brilliant LostMyName, who recently had one of their books read out in space by Tim Peake

Dots will be taking place in Brighton on Friday 16th September. It's the best one day conference of the year IMHO (but then I'm biased). As an ODF reader you can qualify for a discount of £40 off the full ticket price of £175 – just use the code 'neil' when you buy your tickets here. See you there.

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