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Google Performance Firestarters 13 – The Future of Programmatic


We've got a truly fascinating theme to tackle in our next Firestarters event for the Performance Marketing community, and one we've been wanting to cover for a while – all things programmatic and where this big trend is going. Automated, algorithmic trading has grown dramatically over the past few years and has created a big shift in the media mix. So we wanted to consider exactly what this means for the future of media, and the changing role of humans and machines in the industry. How far will programmatic expand? Will it take over all media and if so, what are the implications? To help us navigate this increasingly intriguing future landscape we have four exceptional speakers:

Graham Field, Head of Programmatic, Mediacom

David Carr, Strategy Director, DigitasLBi

Julie Jeancolas, Head of Agencies, Media Buying Solutions, Google

Nick Adams, Head of Digital Excellence, O2

With some challenging provocation around about where digital advertising is taking us, and bearing in mind our (complimentary) planning Firestarters this week on re-imagining digital ads, this event should be fascinating. It's taking place on Tuesday 20th September, 6pm at Google HQ London. As usual I have some guest passes to give away to readers so if you're in an agency and would like to come along, just leave a comment below or contact me direct.

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