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Building the Agile Business – The Launch of My Book


An important announcement. The manuscript is finished and submitted and we have a publication date for our book on Building The Agile Business. It will be out on April 3rd. I don't mind admitting that it's been something of a marathon to write it but I'm really pleased with the result. I've been writing here and consulting on organisational agility for over six years, so this represents the culmination of a long-term journey for me.

Right from the beginning of the project, our observation has been that there is plenty of material out there that talks about the why of digital transformation, but very little that effectively captures what good looks like, and enables a better understanding of the how. So that's what we've written about.

We see this not only as the publishing of a book but as the start of a conversation around a subject that is surely one of the most fundamental business challenges of today. So between now and the publication date we'll be posting content relevant to the ideas and themes explored in the book and encouraging discussion around some of the concepts, models and arguments. We have built a site to support Building the Agile Business, and will be posting to the blog there. We have even created an Agile Business Manifesto, which captures (in the same way that the agile manifesto did all those years ago for software development) the fundamental principles for a new type of business fit for a digitally empowered world. 

And we've created an email list which we'll be using to give access to exclusive content, occasional updates and relevant thinking related to the book (no spamming – it will likely be a monthly update). Subscribers will also get preferential access and offers at the launch. You can sign up for that here

I'm looking forward to some good discussion on the ideas that we've brought together.

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