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Google Performance Firestarters: Secrets of Driving Growth


The next in our series of Googe Firestarters events for the Performance Marketing community is taking place at Google Pancras Square, 6pm on 3rd June. For this one we're taking the theme of how performance marketing can play a more central role in driving growth in all its varied aspects. Google have been doing quite a bit of work to understand how performance marketing agencies can build deeper client relationships and utilise their experience and knowledge around data and automation to support real growth for agencies and clients alike. It's a broad theme with many potential angles but to help us navigate it we have three exceptional speakers.

Phil Barden, who is the author of Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy, will be giving a perspective on how marketers can utilise a broader understanding of decision science to help drive conversion and growth. Libby Darley, Performance Planning Partner, iProspect, and Katherine Sale, Director of Operations, Croud, will be completing the line up with a view on how the development of new capability and thinking within performance marketing agencies can support client growth in the future. As always I have some guest passes to give away to readers of this blog so if you'd like one just contact me direct or leave a comment below. No problem to come along if you are a curious planner or strategist wanting to get a performance marketing perspective on this evergreen but all important subject. 

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