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Adaptability Quotient

The BBC had a great list of the 101 people, ideas and things changing how we work today. Lots of interesting thoughts in there – Jason Kottle picked out a few of the most notable. One of my favourites though was the idea of an 'Adaptability Quotient' (or AQ) which relates to your ability and willingness to learn continuously and embrace change. As the article says:

'The good news is that scientists agree AQ is not fixed – it can be developed. Theory U by Otto Scharmer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests three elements can help provide a framework: keeping an open mind, so you see the world with fresh eyes and remain open to possibilities; keeping an open heart, so you can try to see any situation through another person’s eyes; and keeping an open will, letting go of identity and ego to sit with the discomfort of the unknown.'

In a time when we move jobs more often than ever before, and when success is increasingly defined by how well we adapt, soft skills like curiosity, open-mindedness, adaptability, collaboration have never been so important.

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