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Post of the Month – April 2020 – Nominations


Well, after a one month hiatus I've decided to bring Post of the Month back, not least because there was so much good writing around despite (because of?) everything that is going on. So I'm asking for you to submit nominations again for posts that you've read over the past month that you thought were pretty good. You can do that by sending me the link direct or leaving it in the comments below. As soon as I have enough nominations I'll stick them up for a vote but as usual I've listed a few starters below – you'll note that one of these is actually a series of three blog posts which is slightly unusual but hey:

A letter to my daughter by Patricia McDonald

Covid-19, what do we do now (and next)? by Kevin Chesters

Lockdown and the challenges of making work work (part one - Only Connect, part two – Collabs and Creativity Under Covid, and part three – Deeds and Words: Leadership Under Covid) by James Caig 

Please do add to these nominations with your own.

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