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The Age of the Superstar Teacher

In his latest post Mario Gabriele digs into the potential for whether we'll now start to see superstar teachers emerging in the same way that we've seen superstar streamers, gamers, personal fitness instructors and sports stars:

'Sherwin Rosen's 1981 paper explains why exceptional teachers have been unable to profit from their abilities as effectively as other performance-based vocations. In "The Economics of Superstars," Rosen argues that the trend of fewer individuals earning larger amounts of money is driven by two elements: (1) the outstanding talent of the individual, and (2) an ability to share such talents with a larger market…The latter point explains why the "Superstar Effect" has impacted teaching more weakly than other professions — teachers have been unable to expand their personal market. 

Teachers, says Mario, have been largely limited by the size of the class that they teach and whilst technology is changing that, notably through MOOCs, disruption has taken longer than some predicted. Yet whilst online learning is already happening at scale it is being further accelerated by COVID, taking its range and ubiquity to a very different level. So perhaps now is indeed a good time to ask the question – will we now start to see the emergence of superstar teachers?

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