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Google Firestarters Episode 1: Richard Huntington

Well, after something of a COVID-related hiatus I'm delighted to announce that Google Firestarters is returning as a brand new video interview series featuring some of the most insightful and interesting people in the advertising and media industry. Pre-COVID we'd done nine years of live Firestarters events (something like 90 events in total) over which time we've had some amazing talks from a truly diverse range of speakers and so we'll be building on this legacy.

Firestarters always been about the most interested and interesting people in the industry and we've lined up some brilliant people to be a part of it. The chats will each be no longer than 30-40 minutes and loosely structured around five key questions about the biggest learning and the biggest mistake that our interviewees have made in their career, and the key insights and predictions that they'd like to share about the future of industry. As always Scriberia will be providing the visualisation. 

I'm really happy to say that our first Google Firestarters video is with the brilliant Richard Huntington, Chairman and CSO at Saatchi London. I love Richard's energy and positivity, and in this chat he shares some excellent insights into the power of commercial creativity, the value of salesmanship, and the importance of strong opinions lightly held. Do take time to watch it, and of-course share. I'm so pleased that we've been able to keep the Firestarters torch burning, and hope that this will serve to open up Google Firestarters to an even wider industry audience.

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