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Google Firestarters Episode 3: Sue Unerman

I'm really happy to say that the third Google Firestarters video chat is now up. This one is with the brilliant Sue Unerman who was wonderfully erudite, funny and insightful. We talk about a wide range of subjects related to the industry including thoughts on implementing agile processes in an agency, continuous learning in life and career, the opportunity with AI but also the need to unlearn and relearn key areas of how we work (my favourite quote from our discussion is 'it's entirely possible to optimise to a sub-optimal position'). Sue also talks about why the industry needs to get real with the diversity and inclusion agenda and there's even an excellent story of how she once got thrown out of a big client meeting. There were a few connection issues on the day which led to a few audio glitches at the beginning (I'm still learning about this stuff) but do persist as her insights are wonderful.

My thanks to Sue for taking part, and if you're interesting in buying her latest book Belonging, you can do so here.


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