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Google Firestarters Episode 4: Gareth Kay

We just released a brand new episode of Google Firestarters and this one is with the brilliant Gareth Kay, co-founder at Chapter San Francisco, and a long-time planning and advertising provocateur. 

There were some excellent challenges in Gareth's answers to my questions, and some wonderful points, notably around the importance of creative density in agencies and business, and the risk of planning and agencies specialising themselves into irrelevance. A couple of my favourite quotes:

'Stop obsessing about the agency or brands you'll be working for and start focusing on the individuals you'll be working with.'


'You create value through your curiousity and that value gets realised by your ability to influence people.'

There was also a really interesting discussion around the opportunities emerging from the increasingly blurred lines between product and marketing (which seems to have garnered quite a bit of feedback and discussion when I shared the video on Twitter). It's full of wisdom so do watch, like and share.

Note:- I've created a Google Firestarters page where I'll be posting all the videos up as they are released so do bookmark that.

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