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Post of the Month – February 2021 – Nominations


Plenty of good reads this month IMHO and so it's time to open nominations for Post of the Month. I've listed a few of my own favourites below as a starter but please do add to these with your own nominations – you can do that by sending me the link direct or leaving it in the comments below. Once a have a good list I'll stick them up for the vote. So my starting four (note that this includes a double nomination for Phil Adams which I've combined as they fit together so well) are:

My Very Own Planning Handbook and Did I do a strategy? by Phil Adams

Accept uncertainty as a fact of life by Amelia Torrode

To prepare for the next pandemic, we must be timelords by Mark Earls

Ruptures in the mediascape by Rishad Tobaccowala

Please do add to these nominations with your own.

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