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Post of the Month – March 2021 – The Vote

Thanks for the nominations (note – there's a nomination here for Dave Dye's 'Women Who Built DDB' series of posts so I've included links to each of the four posts so far). So our vote this month is between:

I'm losing my mind, let's talk about it: what I've learned about living through menopause by Melissa Robertson

The Lives of Others.To Find A Way In, We Must Find The Way Out Of Our Own by Martin Weigel

Looking Closely is Everything by Craig Mod

The Women Who Built DDB: Phyliss Robinson, Paula Green, Judy Protas, Rita Selden by Dave Dye

Delinquent Telephone Activity by Rachel Coldicutt

The Many Emotions of Redundancy by Paul Wilson

And you can vote below:

Which of these do you think should be Post of the Month for March 2021?

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