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Google Firestarters Episode 8: Thas Naseemuddeen

The latest episode of Google Firestarters features Thas Naseemuddeen, Chief Executive Officer of independent agency Omelet, out in Los Angeles. On her journey to running an agency Thas has worked in senior strategy roles at BBH and Deutsch and in this episode she talks about strategists becoming leaders, the future of the industry, and much more besides. I loved the way she describes how an agency planner's role is about making the language of creativity more accessible for business but also to bring business into creativity. Reflecting on her journey to leading a creative organisation she references Jim Carroll's metaphor of leadership as the amplified self which is just brilliant advice, and she talks about not needing to have all the answers and why strategists make good leaders. And I also loved her thoughts on getting more upstream with clients and solving different types of problems. Thas is a real inspiration and this is well worth the listen.


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