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Google Firestarters Episode 9: Andy Nairn

Andy Nairn is the co-founder of Lucky Generals, one of the most successful creative agencies in the UK. They've been shortlisted for Campaign Agency of the Year for 5 years in a row, and this year he was named by them as the top brand strategist in the UK for the 3rd year in a row. So I was delighted that he agreed to be a guest on the latest episode of Google Firestarters which has just been published.
Andy drops a load of truth bombs in this episode, talking about how the quest for perfection can take the luck (and fun) out of advertising, about not having your head so buried in a task or a process that you fail to notice what's around you, and about building a great culture in an agency. I really liked what he was saying about staying true to your values and why his agency turned away business in its earliest days which can't have been easy to do at all. My thanks to Andy for being a part of Firestarters, and don't forget that you can see the other episodes here.

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