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Google Firestarters Episode 11: Tom Roach

The ever erudite and insightful Tom Roach (his blog posts are some of the best writing on advertising anywhere) is the latest guest on Google Firestarters and this episode was fascinating to record. Tom has a unique perspective, transitioning from a career at some of the most well respected creative agencies (BBH, adam&eveDDB, AMV) to a new role as VP of Brand Planning at Jellyfish, the global marketing services company that has its origins in performance marketing. Given that context he has some fascinating views around convergence in the industry – the integration of creative and media and the bringing together of brand and performance, human and machines, creativity and algorithms. These really are some of the big challenges/opportunities facing the industry and Tom has a characteristically smart take on all of them. There's plenty to deliberate on, agree or disagree with, or just to ingest from this episode so do go watch / listen to it now.

Don't forget that you can view the other episodes as well over on the Firestarters playlist.

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