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Post of the Month – August 2021 – Nominations


It's time to open nominations for Post of the Month. As always I've listed a starting shortlist below – despite it being holiday season there was plenty of good reading around this past month so my starting list is slightly longer than usual. Anyhow, please do add to these with your own nominations by sending me the link or leaving it in the comments below. So my starting list is:

The language of marketing is so imprecise as to be almost meaningless by JP Castlin

Brand purpose has its place by Phil Adams

Care at Scale by Debbie Chachra

Why the sales funnel is the cockroach of marketing concepts by Tom Roach

The Year of Thinking Dangerously by Carla Faria

Please do add to these nominations with your own and I'll put them all up for vote when I have a good number.

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