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Google Firestarters Episode 12: Amelia Torode


I was really pleased that Amelia Torode agreed to come on Google Firestarters. When she spoke at the IRL event it was full of challenge, provocation and smart insights and this episode continues in that vein. Amelia spent many years running strategy at agencies including TBWA and VCCP but now runs The Fawnbrake Collective, a strategy consultancy based on a distributed talent model. In this episode she talks about how the current agency model is broken and how smaller, looser collectives will be the future. She describes this as the move 'from large and layered to faster and flatter'. A tighter core at the centre but then a pool of resource to draw on (as she says, ‘you don’t need all of the people all of the time’). And she’s also good on how to make distributed teams work, doubling down on ‘the fierce urgency of now’, and on how exhausting but also enriching uncertainty can be.

My thanks to Amelia for taking the time to be a part of Firestarters. Don't forget that you can see all of the other episodes here

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