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Google Firestarters Episode 15: Ian Fitzpatrick


The brand new episode of Google Firestarters features Ian Fitzpatrick, the Global Director, Brand Strategy and Operations at New Balance. Ian gives some truly thoughtful and thought-provoking answers to my questions in this episode, on topics as diverse as the importance of craft and connecting with the power of tangible products, the challenge of agencies keeping close to clients when everything is moving at the speed of culture, and reconciling how machines can be set up for a fragile and rapidly evolving future. In fact my favourite quote from the recording is: 'To say that marketing is being changed by algorithms and influencers is like saying that music is being changed by synthesisers and drum machines'. There's just a huge amount of wisdom in here, and I'm grateful to Ian for agreeing to be a part of Firestarters. If you enjoy watching/listening to this, do feel free to share it. 

And don't forget that you can watch all of the episodes of Google Firestarters that have been recorded so far over here.

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