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Google Firestarters: Helen Edwards on Growth from the Margins

The latest episode of Google Firestarters is now live – this one features Helen Edwards, founder of Passionbrand, columnist for Marketing Week, and adjunct professor at London Business School. Helen has just published a new book ‘From Marginal to Mainstream: Why Tomorrow’s Brand Growth Will Come From the Fringes – and how to get there first’, and in this episode she describes the opportunity that brands have in focusing on growth from the fringes. With many brands operating in low growth markets, looking for sustainable growth in the usual places won't cut it anymore. Helen talks about how brands can identify the marginal behaviours that have the greatest potential to scale, the difference between new consumer behaviours and trends, and how to understand different types of consumer resistance. All of which requires marketers to think and operate in a different way. It was a truly fascinating episode to record so my thanks to Helen for some brilliant provocation. Don't forget that you can view all of the Firestarters episodes over on the playlist

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