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The cost of being dull

I loved the premise of Adam Morgan’s new podcast which is ostensibly about the cost of being boring, and in which Adam speaks to people whose job it is to make things more interesting. Adam is a planning legend, the founder of eatbigfish, and also a Google Firestarters guest (his Firestarters episode gives some wonderful examples of creativity from constraints). In his podcast series he’s talking to a diverse bunch of inspiring contributors from reality TV producers to Sesame Street writers to science teachers, in order to understand techniques for generating and maintaining interest, stand out, and memorability.

The first episode of Adam’s podcast features (ad effectiveness guru) Les Binet – the two of them are undertaking what sounds to be a fascinating piece of work to try and identify (through analysis of the IPA campaign databank) the actual, tangible cost to marketers of having dull campaigns. Whilst there’s no doubt some debate to be had about what defines ‘dull’ the work is a laudable attempt to inject some evidence-based research into proving what we intuitively all suspect – that boring marketing is a poor investment. Adam promises that they will return to check in on the progress of the research at the end of the series but in the meantime the work that Les has already done shows a significant cost attached to dull campaigns. I’m looking forward to accompanying them on this journey to interesting.

Image: Photo by Jocelyn Morales on Unsplash

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